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Beach House in Mexico

This natural modern vacation beach house was designed by Mexican architects Gabriel Orozco and Tatiana Bilbao. This modern beach house is located in Roca Blanca in Oaxaca on the Pacific Coast near Puerto Escondido. Although the house feels modern, it also feels very pure, organic and comforting, like a good old friend that was always there. The house was built by local craftsmen, using simple technologies and materials including concrete cast, precast blocks, lime plastering and simple wood flooring. The purpose of the house is to seek a dialogue with the landscape and the existing vegetation in order to enhance the quality of the site as a point of panoramic vision. The house has an observation platform built around the convex pool, two bedrooms, a small kitchen and living room. The design of the house was inspired by the astronomical observatory Jantar Mantar which was built in Delhi India in 1724. See the resemblance?

Tatiana Bilbao