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Bathtub Ideas for Every Budget

Just like rental cars, there is always a tub to fit your budget. You start with economy and you work yourself through a whole list which ends with luxury. Bathtubs are no different. Here are some ideas.

Economy: around $100: If you want to go dirt-cheap you may want to consider the Oblong Stock Tank made by Hastings and available from Ranger Gate. Sure, they may call these stock tanks but don't be so demanding, these will last a life time, have an industrial appeal and some of these are big enough to fit in the entire neighborhood (and their dogs). And you can get a huge sized tank tub for $100. For $100, you will make plenty of new friends (you may regret this later on but that's besides the point).

Full Size: around $5000: Ross Lovegrove designed the Istanbul round bathtub for VitrA in Turkey. Since we love everything with curves, we are completely sold. A bit too short for us Dutch people perhaps, it measures about 5.25' in diameter. And not enough room for a two-some but good enough for yourself. The round curves totally make up for that. And the price is very reasonable for such a beautiful modern round bathtub. Estimate is about $5,000.00.

Luxury: around $30,000.00: Claudio Silvestrin designed this magnificent round tub for Boffi. The name Boffi should ring a bell about the suggested retail price which is a whopping $19,750.00 euro. With the exchange rate, you are looking a one expensive tube for $30,000.00 US Dollars. Boffi means quality and this baby is incredible. First of all, it is made with bright white Corian and it is one of the largest round bath tubs that can be found. It measure an impressive 6.23' in diameter. Sure $30K will buy you a car, but you cannot take a bath in your car so ff money is not an issue, this is your tub.


Rachel said…
I love a cast iron tub myself, especially the pedestal style tub. You're correct in that they come in many price ranges. For example, acrylic tubs are an affordable substitute for cast iron tubs.