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Sweet Cake Giant Cupcake Case

Are you ready to make some giant cupcakes? Better start looking for the perfect cupcake recipe!
Sweet Cake by Beerd van Stokkum is a real show stopper, we fell in love the moment we saw it and had to have a couple of these super sized mod cup cake cases for ourselves! Sweet Cake by Beerd van Stokkum is a gigantic muffin cake case that serves a multitude of purposes. Exactly like an original cupcake case but blown up to gigantic proportions. The case is made out of durable thick Polyethylene which is a synthetic material that makes it suitable for re-use (indoors and outdoors). It can be utilized as a flower box, dog bed, basket for your cat, a place for storage, and more. Choose your flavor! This huge cupcake stand is a great gift for everyone...people and pets.

Beerd van Stokkum: "I noticed that the Sweet Cake is a powerful and cheerful product during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, where people of different age and nationalities encountered my stand enthusiastic and with a big smile on their face".

The Sweet Cake is made of thick synthetic material and is appropriate for inside or outside use. Despite of the firm material, the Sweet Cake weighs no more than 11 lbs.

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