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Studio 65 Gufram Bocca Lip Sofa

Studio 65: Gufram Marilyn Bocca Lip Sofa

The Studio 65 Bocca Lip Sofa by Gufram is a fantastic icon of modern furniture design. Studio 65's Marilyn Bocca Lip Sofa was produced in homage to the Surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Salvador Dali designed a quite similar piece in the 1930s that was meant to resemble Mae West's lips. Studio 65 updated Salvador Dali's design in 1972 and called it the Marilyn Bocca Sofa in honor of Marilyn Monroe. This lip-shaped sofa provides a natural and inviting place to rest with its graceful and comforting shape. This sensual icon of modern design is destined to be a conversation piece for many years to come.

The Studio 65 Gufram Marilyn Bocca Lip Sofa is made with cold expanded polyurethane. It is upholstered with a vibrant lipstick-red elastic fabric. This sofa seats one or two people.

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