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Foscarini Le Soleil Lamp

Le Soleil Lamp from Foscarini

Spanish industrial designer Vicente García Jiménez designed the 'Le Soleil' modern pendant light for Foscarini in Italy. This brilliant modern light is made up of asymmetric bands, which play a leading role in diffusing the beam of light.

Vicente García Jiménez found inspiration for 'Le Soleil' in the New York Guggenheim museum by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Foscarini's 'Le Soleil' is available in three different color variations and works well for both residential and commercial applications.

Foscarini's 'Le Soleil' is suspended from three field-cuttable steel support cables. This lamp has a maximum total drop length of 6.56' (78.74"). Includes 6.3"diameter ceiling cap.

Vicente García Jiménez is one of Spain's leading industrial designers Vicente García Jiménez was born in Valencia Spain in 1978. He graduated at the University of Experimental Sciences at Castellon de La Plana. His major was Industrial Design Engineering. He later moved to Barcelona where he worked for Santa & Cole developing lighting and interior furniture. During this period he developed a liking to objects that created life and emotions through lighting, for example his perception of the world around him using light, shadows, textures and colours to create new atmospheres. The Spanish industrial designer is set for a promising career. Vicente García Jiménez set up his studio in Udine, Italy, in 2008, but he has already worked for some of Italy's most notable manufacturers including Tacchini, Karboxx, Foscarini and Pallucco.

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