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Magis Chair First

Magis Stefano Giovannoni's Chair First

Stefano Giovannoni's Chair First is a beautiful, durable, lightweight and stackable chair for everyday use!

Stefano Giovannoni created Chair First for Magis. Chair First is part of an increasing stable of affordable designer chairs which are both stylish and functional. ' Not only is it lightweight, stackable and suitable for outdoor use but it is available in a selection of delicious colors that always leaves our customers in a dilema over which color to choose. Chair First by Magis is made of polyamide with moulded-in color and is available in four different colors.

In layman's terms "this chair is made by air-moulding".
Air-moulding is a process in which the emptying of the frame is not simply applied to the volumes with a small tubular section, but all throughout the extensive and complex volumes of the chair and its backrest.

Stefano Giovannoni's Chair First received several awards including the "BEST ITEM" during the 2008 edition of IMM Cologne and the Interio Innovation Award, Cologne, 2008.

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