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Joe Colombo Boby Trolley

Joe Colombo Boby Trolley Cabinet with Five Drawers (B35)

Joe Colombo Boby Trolley Cabinet with Two Drawers (B22)

Joe Colombo Boby Trolley Cabinet with Three Drawers (B33)
Joe Colombo Boby Trolley Collection

Joe Colombo Boby Trolley

Great functional office storage solution designed in 1968 and still available today from nova68. Pretty office organizers are difficult to find. This functional office organizer and storage solution is perfect for both the home and the office. You can use this storage trolley for pens, paper, envelopes, paperclips, calculators, posters, etc. And best of all, this office organizer has casters so you it is easy to move around.

Colombo fused pop art with Milanese plastic expertise. A radical thinker, he was famous for audacious interiors with ‘living units’ in bold colours. He called furniture ‘equipment’ and was anxious that all his equipment should be dynamic, hence the wheels on this famous drawing office storage unit. But there is an occult element of tradition as well: Joe Colombo’s ingenious storage concepts were partially inspired by old trunks and valises. Designed in 1970.


Anonymous said…
I love Boby...it's really versatile and useful!! I have one yellow in my bathroom!