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Ideaco Tubelor Trash Can

Ideaco Tubelor Modern Trash Can

Ideaco's Tubelor Trash Can: when style meets function! The perfect sized trash can for most uses. Cover ugly plastic trashbags with these beautifully colored trashcan covers. The outer cover is simply placed over the inner waste basket and is super easy to remove. Ideaco's Tubelor Trash Can is a trash can that is meant to be seen.

With the clever lid, one can use the ever abundant polyethylene bags (works with new trash bags or recycle them from your supermarket) to line the trash can without revealing any sign of them. No matter how nice other trash cans may look, the plastic trash bag will still stick out. Ideaco's Tubelor Trash Can solves this problem in a beautiful and functional way. Use it knowing that it will look good everywhere: kitchen, office, bath room, anywhere.

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