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Ideaco CUBE Umbrella Stand

Ideaco's CUBE Umbrella Stand: when style meets function! A fresh and innovative design from Japan. The perfect sized umbrella stand with an easy to use drip-tray that can be detached for easy cleaning. Ideaco's CUBE Umbrella Stand combines a sense of Japanese zen minimalism with modern design. A compact space-saving modern umbrella stand. More than 400,000 CUBE Umbrella Stands were sold in Japan over the last 7 years. It became the standard of its kind. Buy one for yourself and perhaps a few more for family and friends; CUBE is a great gift idea.

We believe that "no waste" is beautiful. We wish to be as close to nature as possible, because that's where no waste exists. A place where all components are essential and exist together in harmony. In designer terminology, this concept is known as minimalism. A life style of the future with minimal waste is what we strive for. Disregard fads, and create simple but functional, innovative but timeless products for everyday life. That is our credo. Ideaco Design Team, Japan.

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