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High Desert Home

Ken Kellogg (full name Kendrick Bangs Kellogg) believes Organic Architecture is the Mother of the Arts. Beauty is the sustainable essence of life. Nature is not sentimental. Both beauty and nature are the practical aspects of our compassion for survival. One of his most inspiring works is the modern organic High Desert House which was built near Palm Springs California. In the high desert on the south slope of a large rock outcropping appears a giant bird from some prehistoric time. 26 gracefully arranged wings of gently curved concrete forms, all resting on cantilevered, shaped, concrete platforms, span up to fifty feet and ten feet across. This home is designed for energy gains from the thermal mass. The wings are separated by glass to allow for natural light and the various frequencies caused by California earthquakes, and is designed 30% above the highest earthquake standards there are. The on-job design-build details in this home include the specially shaped fine-crafted wood, specially treated steel, individually cast bronze door trim and latches, semi-sand-blasted doors in implied Jurassic designs. Better than museum quality, there are no better built-in art works in the world. I predict one day this home will be the entrance to the adjacent National desert park. This home is designed for the life style of the owners. To save the natural landscape, the home is separated from the subterranean garage below by a 200 foot rock path that winds up and around the existing boulders. For those who prefer not walking, an electric conveyance carries people and goods up and down the path. The site is thus enhanced by the design.