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Fruit Party Objet d'Art

Fruit Party Decorative Centerpiece

Fruit Party is a brilliant decorative art object which has a special calming effect. You can just keep on staring at this for hours on end. Of course, you could stare at real fruit for hours as well and it will cost you much less. But Fruit Party is very special never the less. Fruit Party is one of the most unique and ornamental centerpieces we have ever found. Fruit Party is made with a papier-mache and willow wood. Fruit Party is exceptional since its base was made with a 17th century Dutch weaving technique which utilizes Willow wood. This refreshing and innovative approach to Scholten & Baijings of this old technique has resulted in the colorful Fruit Party. Fruit Party's top is made with richly colored papier-mache in a vibrant light green color that has a natural and almost healing quality to it. An usual and extremely fine object d'art.

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