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Arik Levy Candleholder

Wonderful! Arik Levy's Kaz Candleholder is one of the finest modernist candleholders we have ever seen. This candleholder looks like a small abstract work of art, good enough to serve as a stand alone sculpture when not in use. Kaz is one of the most famous mountains in the Aegean part of Turkey which looks like an iceberg. Arik Levy's Kaz Candleholder is the top of the iceberg that will never melt, reflecting the natural appearance of the mountain rocks. It is a perfect imperfection of an organized chaotic form.

Arik Levy Kaz Candleholder

Arik Levy is one of the most promising designers of the 21st century. "If I hadn’t been a designer, I would have been a scientist," says Arik Levy. The Paris-based industrial designer has captured the attention of companies like Vitra, Ligne Roset, L'Oreal and Renault. "I work like a researcher in a lab, searching for the genetic codes of materials or companies. Once I've decoded them, I inject my own gene in different places." He believes that changing this "genetic code" essentially creates a new material. "I try to use materials in places they are not normally used to give them another kind of life." Using unconventional thinking and smart design processes, Arik Levy transforms everyday household objects into striking works of art. His latest creations for Gaia & Gino are irresistible and functional design objects.