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Ron Arad Voido Chair

Ron Arad: Voido Freeform Rocking Chair
Magis, Italy.

Ron Arad designed the Voido chair for Magis in Italy. The organic modern shape of this beautiful rocking chair is fluid in form. Ron Arad mischievously exploits the formal and functional possibilities of the materials he uses to the fullest. The Ron Arad Voido chair is like a biomorphic sculpture, visually pleasing from all sides. Balanced, organic and beautiful to look at.

Ron Arad is one of the most influential designers of our time. Ron Arad stands out for his daredevil curiosity about technology and materials and for the versatile nature of his work. Ron Arad has produced an outstanding array of innovative objects over the past twenty-five years, from almost unlimited series of objects to carbon fiber armchairs and polyurethane bottle racks. Ron Arad has also designed memorable interior spaces, some plastic and tactile, others ethereal and digital.

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