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Moooi Smoke Chair

A new and definitely not so ordinary take on a classic chair. The Smoke Chair was designed by Maarten Baas for Moooi in the Netherlands. The Smoke Chair by Maarten Baas is finished with fire which makes it one of the most controversial, yet artistic and unique chairs that can be found. The unique effect of the Smoke Chair is achieved by setting the chair alight and allowing it to burn under controlled conditions. There is no need to worry about getting stains on your suit or dress since the chair is then lacquered with a good layer of resin and reupholstered to produce this exceptional design.

The beauty and character of burned wood is captured in a long lasting material, creating the strange sensation of sitting on burnt furniture. The Smoke Chair creates a classic modern look to any room setting. It is guaranteed to leave a big impression. Smoke Pieces of furniture are literally burned, after which they are preserved in a clear epoxy coating. Except for three baroque products, which are reproduced by the Dutch label Moooi, all Smoke products come from the Baas & den Herder studio in The Netherlands.