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Harry Allen C'Mere Hand Hook

Harry Allen: C'Mere Hand Hook Areaware

The C'Mere Hand Hook was designed by Harry Allen for Areaware. Harry Allen's C'Mere Hand Hook was cast from the designer's hand. The result is a unique and functional new design object for the home. The C'Mere Hand Hook is a catch-all for keys, change, paperclips, jewelry or any small thing that needs a helpful hand. All Hand Hooks are made of gypsum white resin and marble and come complete with wall mounting hardware. Harry Allen's C'Mere Hand Hook is a great unique gift idea. The C'Mere Hand Hook is part of Harry Allen's Wall Hook series which are all based on highly detailed casts of designer Harry Allen's hands. These wall hooks are perfect home accessories.

Harry Allen is an award-winning interior and industrial designer. Harry Allen designed a number of successful retail interiors throughout the United States and Asia. As a product designer he has worked for a very impressive group of clients, and received numerous awards. Harry Allen created several items for Areaware including the Hand Hook, Peanut Bowl, Roller Stop and Pig Bank.

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