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Wall Organizer Centipede

Centipede Multipurpose Wall Organizer

In our search for functional modern design objects which can be used on a daily basis, we came across the attractive Centipede wall organizer which was designed by Adam and Harborth in Germany. This super functional multipurpose wall organizer is a perfect organizing tool to store and organize invitations, invoices, business cards, ideas, photographs, passport photos and perhaps even love letters. This modern wall organizer combines functionalism and design into an attractive functional object for daily use. This wall organizer is perfect for both the office or at home where it can be used as a savvy way to unclutter your desk. This wall organizer is a great alternative to a regular desk organizer since it will not take up any valuable desktop space. The Centipede wall organizer is presented in a gift box and makes a great unique gift.

Centipede has a maple body with 100 natural brushes which firmly hold documents in place. Centipede is covered with a layer of anodized aluminum. Easy mounting instructions included.

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