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Vases by Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto: Aalto Glass Lantern Candle Holder
Iittala, Finland.

Presented in Iittala gift box. Iittala's Alvar Aalto Lantern Candle Holder is a work of art. Inspired by the original Alvar Aalto vases, this beautiful glass candle holder exemplifies Finnish glass art design and a long history of nature inspired glass. The Alvar Aalto glass lantern candle holder is made in Finland. This beautiful candle holder is highly decorative and will at a touch of festive style to your home decor. Alvar Aalto is the greatest name in Finnish modern design and architecture. The glassblowers at the Iittala factory in Finland still meticulously handcraft the legendary Alvar Aalto vases and candle holders that are variations on one theme, fluid organic shapes inspired by nature. Interpretations of the shape in new colors and materials add to the growing Iittala Alvar Aalto collection that remains true to his original design.

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