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Prefab Architecture Perrinepod

We love this modern prefab / modular home from Australia.  Unfortunately it is not available yet outside Australia but we hope this will change in the future.  The Perrinepod was created to provide individuals access to high quality sustainable, affordable, and near instant residential solutions.  The idea is simple: a concrete shell in a fluid organic shape.  The result is beautiful, a simple minimal modern home.  Another advantage is that the Perrinepod can be stacked.

Perrinepod has created a range of standard options, which are immediately available off the shelf, and our designers are able to create an endless array of need specific and site specific solution using Perrinepod technology to suit every budget and lifestyle.

Imagine a home that can be built in three days, that will suit any landscape and adapt to virtually any architectural style. Picture a design so sophisticated and fabulous that it seems futuristic, yet so simple and uncomplicated that you wonder why no one has thought of it before.

Perrine’s philosophy of creating beautiful, uncluttered space finds a form in the Perrinepod. Constructed mostly from “green” (cement alternate geo polymers) concrete, the cubist design lends to the Perrinepod’s versatility. While each unit can act as anywhere from a one bedroom apartment, through to a multi-room house, the units can also be stacked as high as 30 storeys. Integrated furniture, also designed by Perrine, comes with each Perrinepod so that all you need to provide is electricity and water to complete your very affordable new home.

Every element of the Perrinepod is specifically designed to be sustainable and a host of green, energy and recycling solution "backbone" services are imbedded into the fabric to allow the user to simply "plug and play" every thing from water recycling and water storage to solar panels. The Perrinepod is a 5Star energy rated structure in Australia.

Perrinepod embodies design innovation and beauty in form. And, in a time when people are struggling to keep up with the look of "now", the Perrinepod will prove to be a design that will remain classically beautiful in its simplicity for generations.