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Orbit Chandelier by Patrick Townsend

Patrick Townsend: Orbit Chandelier
Areaware, USA.

Patrick Townsend designed the magnificent Orbit Chandelier which resembles the solar system. This modern pendant light fixture is a classic in the history of modern lighting. The magnificent Orbit Chandelier utilizes a tension/compression design based on the same principle as a suspension bridge. The individual parts of this lamp are completely plain but the combination makes of them an opulent chandelier. Less and more, united in a single product. Plug in this dimmable Orbit Chandelier to watch it take on a wholly new aura. The 40 white bulbs glow with a whimsical and refreshing energy. Illuminating a room has never been so interesting. 336 total watts light output. This modern chandelier is beautiful, graceful and stylish to look at.

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