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Money Bank in the Form of a Pig

Harry Allen: Bank in the Form of a Pig Chrome
Areaware, USA.

This is the "chrome" edition of Bank in the Form of a Pig.
Looking for a great gift idea for yourself or your loved ones? Bank in the Form of a Pig will hog your change! The Bank in the Form of a Pig was designed by Harry Allen for Areaware. Bank in the Form of a Pig is a pretty large piggy bank; it measures 18 inches in length and stands 10 inches tall. This wonderful piggy bank holds up to $10,000 in dollar bills. This piggy bank is that big! It is a very decorative design object which will certainly compliment your home decor. This very unique piggy bank is a great alternative to the more common money banks, it makes a great unique gift. Bank in the Form of a Pig was cast after a real little piggy so it resembles the real deal down to the finest detail. The Harry Allen Pig Bank is made with cast resin marble and a cork stopper.

Harry Allen is an award-winning interior and industrial designer. Harry Allen designed a number of successful retail interiors throughout the United States and Asia. As a product designer he has worked for a very impressive group of clients, and received numerous awards. Harry Allen created several items for Areaware including the Hand Hook, Peanut Bowl, Roller Stop and Pig Bank.

Size: 18" length x 5.25" width x 10" height
Material: Resin Marble

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