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Coat Hanger

Gustav Hallen Arrow Hanger, Coat Rack
Design House Stockholm, Sweden.

The Arrow Coat Hanger is a functional and well-designed item! When Arrow is folded there are three points from which you can hang things. Open Arrow and extract 95 mm. This modern coat hanger is perfect for hall, bathroom, the cellar, the wardrobe or in the children’s room. When not in use, the Arrow coat hanger will adorn the wall like an iconic graphic symbol. Or you can put several together to create various patterns, just waiting to be folded out and used.

Gustav Hallen found his inspiration for Arrow’s innovative design while out sailing. After scaling the rigging and folding away the ladder into the mast, he had an idea as sharp and clear as a sea breeze. "A perfect solution for a contemporary hanger,” he says, “but my version will work both open and retracted, at the same time as being an eye-catching decorative detail."

The Arrow Hanger was awarded with the Red Dot Award 2009.

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Coat Hangers said…
All of these hangers looks great, best thing about this hanger is that they add beauty to wherever they are hanged as well as can be used for multiple purpose.