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Campari Lamp

Ingo Maurer
Campari Lamp

Ingo Maurer's Campari Lamp can always be used in an emergency, when thirsty. The Campari lamp was designed by Raffaele Celentano for Ingo Maurer in Germany. The Campari lamp is a stunning unique modern piece from Ingo Maurer! Ingo Maurer's Campari Light by Raffaele Celentano takes a design classic - an original Italian Campari glass bottle in unaltered condition with original Campari inside - and turns it into a versatile and beautiful light. With the Campari lamp, you will only have to be able to resist the urge to drink the Italian Campari bottles!

Ten original Campari Soda bottles, individually detachable. Plastic, metal. 75 watts, socket E27. Height freely adjustable via Campari crown cork. Transparent canopy, 5.1" DIA. Standard length is 5.1'. Special length 13.1'. Complete with light bulb.

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