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Modern Bookcase Book Shelving

Stylish and striking, the Zig Zag bookcase was designed by Aziz Sariyer for B-Line in Italy. This is one of the most beautiful modern shelving solutions we have ever seen. Zig Zag is available in two variations: inwards (model Z01) our outwards (model Z02). These two variations can be combined to form a wide range of possible storage combinations. But the modern Zig Zag functions perfectly as a free-standing unit as well. This modern book shelve is made with micro-embossed, white-lacquered MDF board which gives it a timeless appeal. Bring a bit of style and ambience to your modern home interior with this fantastic modern shelving which is not only incredibly beautiful but also exceptionally functional. Listed price is for one (1) unit. Above pictures shows a combination of three (3) units. Click image for additional pictures and possible combinations.

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