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Sponeck Modern Garden Chair

Julia Von Sponeck: Sponeck Modern Garden Chaise Lounge Chair
Handmade in Switzerland.

The Sponeck garden chaise lounge chair evokes images of well-tended modern Mediterranean gardens and Swiss lakefront homes. Perhaps, because it was designed and hand crafted in Switzerland. This modern chaise lounge chair would feel right at home in any upscale environment. The Sponeck chair is made with durable fiber cement which enhances its cool minimal modern look. This chaise lounge chair has lots of appeal and is very easy on the eyes. A fantastic chair for both residential and commercial projects. Durable enough to be left outdoors year-round; beautiful enough for the indoors as well!

The matching Sponeck Ottoman (sold separately) doubles as a side table, while the felt cushion (sold separately) adds a splash of color and comfort. Felt cushions are available in four color options: 1) red 2) lemongrass 3) anthracite black 4) anthracite black with red lining.

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