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Modernist Coffee Table

Giulio Mancini
Plinksy Glass Coffee Table by Tonelli

This incredible contemporary coffee table is perfect in every way. This coffee table has a beautiful minimal cubist sculptural shape. This is one of the most beautiful coffee tables we have ever seen. The Plinksy glass coffee table features a metal support (available in three finishes) which unwinds itself under the tempered glass turning round till reaching the very top in an original and safe hooking. This attractive modern glass coffee table has a tempered glass top for extra safety. Tonelli's Plinsky glass coffee table will add style and elegance to any room.

The Plinsky glass coffee table is made by Tonelli in Italy. Tonelli manufactures furniture and designer objects in glass. Tonelli was founded in the mid 1980's as the result of a deep and lasting passion for research and experimentation with glass. Tonelli specializes in glass design, glass furnishings, furniture, glass table, chair, trolleys, showcases, glass tv trolleys, glass table tops, glass tables, glass dining tables, glass sofa tables, glass coffee tables.

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