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Mid Century Modern Spindel Planter

There is no planter more beautiful than this one!
This modern planter is a classic in the history of modern design. The Spindel planter was designed in 1951 by Anton Bee and Willy Guhl in Switzerland. The planter was shaped like a giant spindle or hourglass. The planter took Europe by storm and chances are you will find it just about anywhere in Europe in public places, private gardens, Swiss and Italian lake front estates and hotels, spa resorts and plenty of mid century modern homes.

This is one of the most iconic modern design planters that was ever created and it firmly established the reputation of this iconic modern planter. The Spindel planter is a perfect composition with blends style, grace, functionality and industrial design into one pretty package. The Spindel planter is the eternal classic modern design planter with its distinctive and convincing structural clarity. A planter, sculpture and work of art. This fantastic modern planter would look amazing at any pool side, garden terrace or even in large loft spaces.

It is perfect for both indoor- and outdoor spaces. This modern planter is handmade and imported from Switzerland. This planter is made of mostly organic materials and is 100% recyclable.

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