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Lumeta Solar Panels

Lumeta Solar Panels

Lumeta PowerPly. Seamless integration, lower installation cost and dramatic time savings

Peak Power (Pmax): 380 Wp

We love these Lumeta PowerPly "peel and stick" solar panels which work like giant solar panel stickers. The installation is easy, just peel and stick on a flat roof. The Lumeta PowerPly solar panels have the advantage that they lay flat on a roof, making them perfect for modern homes with flat roofs. They are much easier to install compared to the standard tilted solar panels.

Lumeta utilizes monocrystalline cells to maximize energy output per roof area, and a standard EVA based cell encapsulation process. The fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) substrate in the PowerPly design provides needed rigidity to the module, replacing the TPT™ (Tedlar®/ Polyester /Tedlar®) flexible substrate used in traditional modules. This high efficiency technology is enhanced by Lumeta’s adhesive backing material, which eliminates the need for rack mounting systems, yielding seamless integration with the roof. The adherence properties of this adhesive material exceed all wind uplift requirements for roof mounted modules, and its chemical composition is compatible with most roofing surfaces. This direct roof application reduces installation time by about 50% and Balance of System (BOS) costs by up to 70%.

PowerPly’s front sheet of DuPont™ fluoropolymer and FRP substrate yield a module that is both light weight and durable. At only 1.8 lbs/sq ft (8.8 kgs/sq meter), Lumeta PowerPly is 50% lighter than traditional rack mounted and ballasted systems. The low, 0.4 in (1 cm) height module also minimizes potential water ponding issues.