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Glass Wall Mirror Panels

Stati D'Animo Modern Glass Wall Mirror Panels. These spectacular glass mirror panels are incredible! These glass mirrors are available in either concave (inwards) or convex (outwards). A combination with several of these mirror panels mixed together creates an amazing wall sculpture as pictured in the above example, where nine (9) mirrors where used. These very attractive modern glass wall mirror panels were designed by Antonio De Angelis for Tonelli in Italy. These incredible mirrors will look grand in any modern interior and are perfect for an entrance, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, etc. The mirror glass thickness is 0.16" (4mm). The weight of each mirror is 4.41 lbs (2 kg). We also offer an optional bar to suspend the mirrors from: choose from two options; a bar for two mirrors or a bar for three mirrors. Alternatively, these mirrors can also be attached to a wall with professional installation-quality glue.

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