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Wall Decor La Pera

La Pera by Enzo Mari

Enzo Mari designed the La Pera modern art poster in 1963 as part of his nature series. This mod-styled larger-than-life Pear print will brighten up any room. Start your day healthy with "La Pera" or "The Pear"! Super graphic styled mod Green Pear screenprint designed by Enzo Mari in 1963 for Danese Milano, Italy . Enzo Mari's La Pera is a classic in the history of Modern Design! From Enzo Mari's nature series. The Enzo Mari La Pera poster is a happy and stylish artwork that will brighten up any room and provide joy for both adults and children! A stylish alternative in your modern room and office! Bottom text references the name of the designer and the title of the work.