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Sputnik Modern Lamp

Sputnik Modern Wall Lamp / Ceiling Fixture

Super modern space age sputnik wall lamp or ceiling fixture designed and imported from the Netherlands. Sputnik lights were designed in the 1950's during the early Space Age era and feature the design of the atoms (for a comparable design, see the Atomium in Brussels Belgium, which is a beautiful example of modern architecture during this period). Around the end of the 'fifties and the beginning of the sixties', the Sputnik and the Atomium proved to be a source of inspiration. The result is the Sputniks, designed by Paul de Haan. On April 17 1958, the World Exhibition opened in Brussels with the "Atomium", an enormous 102m high structure, as its central feature. The 9 metal spheres, each with a diameter of 18m, were linked by means of connecting tunnels 23m in length. The "Atomiun" represents a metal crystal.

Another inspiration was the Sputnik 1 satellite which Russia launched in 1957. On October 4 1957, the Russians launched the world's first space satellite. The satellite, named "Sputnik 1" was a metal sphere with a diameter of 58 cm, a weight of 83.6 kg and 4 protruding antenna. The news broke all around the world like a bombshell. It was "the beginning of the space age".

This modern sputnik light is perfect for both your wall and ceiling and features a total of 13 arms, 6 of them have light bulbs and an additional 7 arms have spherical chrome balls.

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