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Spider Lamp by Joe Colombo

Spider Lamp by Joe Colombo

This beautiful minimal floor lamp is an icon of modern lighting. The Spider lamp was designed by Joe Colombo in 1965 but is still in production today. Joe Colombo was one of the greatest designers of the 20th century. Joe Colombo was one of the quintessential designers, together with Verner Panton, of mid century modern furniture. The furniture and lighting he created was practical, comfortable and pleasing for the eye. Joe Colombo is also responsible for the design of the super-functional Boby Trolley. The classic Spider is the timeless table lamp par excellence. Joe Colombo used this lamp in his own home as well. The joint in the arm makes it possible to pivot, turn or adjust the height of the reflector in one easy step.

The Spider lamp series includes the Spider table lamp and Spider floor lamp. The Spider lamp is a single lighting fixture designed for a special horizontal spot light and was assembled - thanks to a melamine joint - in a variety of situations (home/office) and on different supports (table, floor, wall, ceiling), thus coining the concept of a "family" of lamps. The stamped plate finished with white, black, orange or brown baking paint, sliding along a polished chrome stem, seemed a foretaste of the future.

The idea behind Lighting fixture Spider lamp was suggested to Joe Colombo by a new type of onion bulb newly produced at that time by Philips: the silvered Cornalux. The lamp-object of Joe Colombo's project was therefore born as a frame for the illuminating body which can freely direct the light because it is part protected by silvering.

In the technical part of the project the designer not only creates a system of illuminating devices which range from the table to ceiling versions but presents a whole series of solutions which could represent a real manual on industrial design. From the body of the diffuser, cut to leave the bulb in full view, and allow it to be directed along the axis of the stand to the design of the painted bases which highlight the dynamic shape, the dynamic nature of the object to make a technical device like this an attractive part of the furnishing.

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