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Modern Pavilion

Modern Architecture from Switzerland

The Swiss are at it again with this beautiful new modern building. This modern pavilion was designed by Gabrielle Hachler and Andreas Fuhrimann for afgh.com from Switzerland.

Pavilion at Riesbach harbour in Zurich. The new kiosk is conceived as a pavilion amongst the trees in the listed park by the lake, as an object that is a further link in the chain of leisure amenities stretching along the lakeside landscape. In principle the aim was an integrated treatment of the façades and to largely dispense with the usual differentiation of the front and the back in order to obtain an object-like and sculptural appearance.

The new building is principally fabricated as a steel construction so as to generate lightness and transparency. To counter vandalism and dirt, insulation glass was used as a façade material because it is simple to clean and graffiti can be easily removed from it. The individual panes are coloured and more or less transparent, making the kiosk an illuminated object at night and an attraction for evening strollers. The colouring gives the pavilion a Mediterranean flair and lends it a specific identity.
Due to the polygonal form of its plan, the volume of the new building articulates external connections using simple means. The main entrance of the kiosk and the exterior forecourt for summer restaurant use are emphasised by the concave course of the façade and the orientation towards the lake. The kiosk consists of a transversable sales area that can be spaciously opened up in summer. The entrances to the public toilets are seperated from the workings of the restaurant by the specific geometry of the building and allow a good measure of social control. The polygonal building volume is not intended to be understood as a piece of formal vocabulary but as a working material that allows a soft and situative handling of space, programme and context.

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