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O-Space Lamp in Modern Kitchen Design

This modern kitchen displays the O-Space lamp designed by Nichetto and Gai for Foscarini. Foscarini is a fabulous Italian lighting company and we love this modern saucer-shaped pendant lamp.

What about modern Kitchen Design? Some people have the great advantage of being the first to design, build and use a kitchen. Some people will design a kitchen that will add to the overall value of the home – a kitchen that others will like. Some people, however, design their kitchen specifically for their needs. Before you begin to plan the look of your kitchen, decide if you want to design a kitchen that will impress buyers, or one that will impress only you. Where To choose a modern kitchen design? Do you need kitchen to be first functional and then aesthetically pleasing, or vice-versa? The most used appliances in kitchen are your sink, the refrigerator and the countertop. Most kitchens are built with these items close to each other – often in a triangle formation. You don’t have to have these appliances right on top of the other, but you don’t want to be walking back and forth from one end of the room to the other every time you cook. Things To Remember when buying a modern kitchen design: Keep in mind there are some "invisible" throughways entering and exiting kitchen design. Try keeping the path from your appliance triangle from intersecting with the kitchen throughways. Also, make sure you have enough drawer space. Whatever you plan, design you modern kitchen for safety first, functionality second, and aesthetics last. You never know, you might find out that some of the most functional parts of kitchen are also the most ornamental.

Modern kitchen design: what is it? Sure, modern kitchen design now has a microwave, wooden cabinets, durable countertops, a range, an oven. However a closer look reveals the true power of modern kitchen design. The microwave, truly the most modern kitchen invention. Well in modern kitchen design, even this has been improved upon. All you have to do is hold the product up to the microwave and wait for it to read the bar code. The microwave knows how long it will take to cook the product. The freezer will remind you to defrost your meat for the night and the faucets are all controlled by infrared sensors, thus stopping the spread of germs. Combine this with the wealth of nutritional information that the computer contains, and you are sure to live an easier healthier life in this modern kitchen design… the future brings modern kitchen design.