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Method Homes Modern Prefab

Method Homes Modern Prefab

Mark Rylant and Brian Abramson founded Method Homes out of their collective experience in construction, real estate and development; passion for architecture and good design; and desire to add innovation to the home building industry. One day on the job site Mark looked around at all the inefficiencies of site built construction and thought to himself "there must be a better way." Out of that thought Method Homes was born.

Method Homes is now offering three series of prefab green homes:
the Cabin Series and S-M-L Series, both by Balance Associates, and the Urban Series by Skylab Architecture, which is coming soon.

Now available, the Balance S-M-L series, which consists of a choice of 3 simple structures designed to arrive 95% complete within 2-3 months of purchase. All three series of custom built prefab homes function as full time residencies, vacation homes & cabins, and even self contained prefab studios and in-law cottages.

Smart, efficient and well designed, the series of self-contained modular units highlights Balance’s experience in custom detailing and natural modern aesthetic at prices starting under $100,000.


According to Balance Associate's Principal Tom Lenchek, “The concept behind the S-M-L Series is to provide a series of small, smartly designed, prefabricated homes that make it quick and affordable to create a personal retreat without sacrificing style. Intended as a modern refuge, they create a strong connection between interior and exterior spaces through the use of decks and large glazing sections and use sustainable and low maintenance materials and products throughout.”

The Cabin Series currently offers many floor plans ranging from 1200-2800 square feet. The Method Cabin can be configured numerous ways and is completely modifiable and customizable.

S-M-L Series Small Medium and Large self contained homes with smaller footprints. Prefab in-law or guest cottage, artist studios & ADU’s that can function as additions or permanent residences.

The Urban Series by Skylab Architecture is a complete prefab system designed for everyday living. It consists of 1-4 modules and has been designed to work within urban infill typology.