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Green Home by ZeroEnergyDesign

ZeroEnergyDesign aims to create super energy efficient homes.

A current project that is in the works is this beautiful modern home in Orleans, Massachusetts. It features (among other things) Zero Electricity, Grid-tied PV System, Energy Recovery Ventilator, Passive and Active Heating and Cooling, On Demand Hot Water. This is a great concept but it is unfortunately rather pricey with prices starting at $400K, this will not be for the masses. We encourage ZeroEnergyDesign to develop energy efficient modern prefab versions that combine all the benefits of green building with an attractive price.

ZeroEnergyDesign designed this lakefront home to replace the original house built on the site in the 1960's, keeping with the previously chosen modern style, yet bringing the energy performance up to today's highest standards.

The home uses strategically positioned windows to capture the outdoor environment, take advantage of passive solar heating and lighting, and reveal the water views of the lot. This is all accomplished even though the primary view of the home is actually to the west, and not to the south.

A portion of the house has a living green roof, which provides additional insulation and energy savings, and reduces run-off from storms.

A separate elevated roof deck helps attain greater water views of the lake 100 feet away, while canvas awnings protect people lounging there during periods of hot sun. On the ground level, another deck provides safe step-down decking as stairs, which can also be used as seating for family events and doesn't incorporate any railings to block the views.

Inside, a combination Yoga studio and art room provide creative and meditative outlets to complement the owner's lifestyle.

This project has been registered with the USGBC LEED for Homes program in an effort to achieve LEED certification.

Square Footage: 2300
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2.5