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Foldable Prefab Habitaflex

Foldable Prefab Habitaflex

This is one of the few "foldable" prefab buildings. A great concept for a single person or for those who are looking for a vacation home with a small foot print. Far from being a "modern" prefab, these foldable prefab houses are never the less extremely interesting as it provides an "affordable" prefab home alternative compared to (expensive) modern prefabs. We certainly hope that Habitaflex will soon be available in a more modern version. We would be first in line to sign up. Habitaflex is available in a wide choice of variations and they even have a 3-bedroom version. Habitaflex is made in Canada so in most cases, this means that the prefab homes will be more energy efficient compared to US made alternatives. Transportation can be done on a freight truck or by air with a single delivery. Everything is pre-made, no further basic construction is needed. Habitaflex, a subsidiary of Maisons Laprise Inc manufacturer of energy efficient prefabricated homes since 1989, is proud to present a new home concept unique in the world : a folding and transportable home! New looks, dimensions, colors and options are available to satisfy a wide range of applications.

An entirely factory-built and innovative solution to temporary and permanent accommodation, this home can be unfolded, transported and relocated. Its rapid and easy installation can get this home up and running in a few hours only! Thanks to its clever opening mechanism, Habitaflex deploys virtually effortlessly and, in no time, reveals a complete and comfortable home comprising: a kitchen, living room, bathroom as well as 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. Its plumbing and heating systems are fully integrated in the wall cavities so you can be operational and stay in your new home the very same day of your installation!