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Damilano Studio Architects

Damilano Studio Architects

Modern Architecture

This simply brilliant work is a fine example and role model for every aspiring modern architect. This is modern architecture at its finest! Simple modern elegance which is so common in Europe nowadays but still hard to find in the USA. This modern villa was named "Horizontal Space" and it was designed by Damilano Studio Architects in Italy.

This modern house is a composition of pure volume of constant height, moved horizontally and emptied or filled according to the function. A pomegranate shows the access side. Wide steps lead to the entrance which introduces the guest to consecutive spaces. The house can be divided into two units. The house is characterized by a large central living room. The living room, passing from one part of the house, opens with large windows which provide unobstructed views of the garden. The teak floors provide a warm contrast to the white stone walls.

Picture Credits: Andrea Martiradonna