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Home Office Organizer

Home Office Organizer

Handy Storage Trays

This incredible versatile home office organizer was designed by Joe Colombo in the late 1960's and is now available again! This is the perfect storage solution for the home office. This office organizer is very functional and it's nice enough to keep it within view. This home office organizers has plenty of spots to store all your office supplies. The shelves of this organizer flip open with a simple hand-touch and provide easy and almost dust-free storage of documents, keys, office supplies, etc. The vertical plastic top can be removed so tubes can be stored in it as well, making it a perfect office organizer for architects, designers or artists. The Boby Trolley has casters as well, no need to lift, just roll it from one place to the next. Sturdy as well, this is made of superior grade plastic which is almost indestructible. This storage trolley works wonders in the home and office. It simplifies life, keeps things organized and it is a must-have for both home- and office environments. Joe Colombo Boby Trolleys are the perfect office organizers, home office organizer & office storage. They are available in many colors including white, black, red or orange. Made with durable injection-moulded ABS plastic. A very functional and modern organizer.

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