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Fiat 500 New Italian Mod Car

Fiat 500 New Italian Mod Car

This car has no competion when it concerns cuteness.

We couldn't believe our eyes but it is finally happening. Fiat decided to bring back the beloved iconic Fiat 500 super mini car! If you like the Mini Cooper you will adore the Fiat 500! It's a true Italian classic, just like espresso! The Fiat 500 won the Car of the Year Award 2008.

So small, you could "almost" fit it in your pocket:

Great interior styling:

And...available in the following colors:

A great car to make new friends:

The Fiat range starts at about 15,000 Euro.

Unfortunately there is no Fiat dealer to be found in North America!
So grab your chance, contact Fiat in Italy & convince them to become the exclusive dealer!


And this is the car that started it all, the original classic Fiat 500:

And here is the (rather confusing) website of Fiat: