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Aptera Modern Green Car

Aptera Modern Green Car of the Future: The Little Car that Could

Sure, your Prius rocks, but than you have never seen anything like the aptera before! The Aptera truly looks and is the car of the future! The first operating Aptera achieved over 230 Miles per gallon, let me repeat that, that is 230 MILES PER GALLON! This sure is going to give some oil executives sleepless nights. Looking at typical California electricity rates the cost to charge the Aptera should be in the $1 to $2 range for "one charge".

Five years ago, Aptera's founder Steve Fambro endeavored to design and build a passenger vehicle that was safe, comfortable, and more fuel-efficient than anything ever produced. This aspiration, combined with his background in engineering, led him to an intensive study of aerodynamics, and composite aircraft construction. He hypothesized that a low-drag, aerodynamic body shape could be achieved without sacrificing comfort, drivability or safety.

What emerged, after much designing, conceptualizing, and constructing, was a prototype two-seat, three-wheeled vehicle. This first operating prototype achieved a stunning 230 miles per gallon, Building on this success, Steve expanded his Aptera team and created the Aptera Typ-1, which has been re-designed, re-engineered, and refined into a production ready vehicle.

And its behind might make you blush, nothing comes close.

The approximate price for the all electric version is $27,000 and the plug-in hybrid $30,000. These prices are subject to change any time before they begin production. The goal is to begin production of the all-electric in late 2008 and the hybrid in late 2009. And the company is now taking reservations.

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