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Alexander Calder Wall Art

Alexander Calder: Zebra Wall Weaving Signed & Numbered Edition

If you are looking for something nice to display on your wall, check out this Alexander Calder Weaving intended to be displayed on your wall.

This is an original Alexander Calder weaving, not a new production. Zebra is a stunning and colorful work of art designed by the artist in 1975. Numbered in an edition of 100 with Alexander Caler's inititals in the weave. This weaving maintains Calder’s primary colors of red and black. Zebra's iconographic image is whimsical and playful. Artistic, sturdy and utilitarian, this weaving was presented to the public in 1975 as a "soft sculpture", intended to be used as a wall hanging.

For this project Alexander Calder provided the gouache drawings and approved the colors of the hemp. During 1974 and 1975, Indians in remote villages of Guatemala, who had a long tradition of weaving, used the colored hemp to weave these wall hangings. The project aimed to preserve the culture of the indigenous people by having the Indians use their traditional skills to execute works of modern artists.

Produced in a limited edition of 100. This work, was not woven, but braided, a technique devised to accommodate Calder’s complicated designs and color patterns. Each weaving is therefore unique since it was hand made. Calder was said to have been so impressed with the workmanship that he acquired a few for the floor of his home and studio in France, as seen in some photographs of his living room in Paris.

Available from: http://www.nova68.com