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Whole Apple Market?

Whole Apple Market?
Not a bad idea!
The Birth of the Organic Computer is near!

Since it is Friday, just before a Holiday Weekend, we were just scratching our heads. Last night, one of our tech guys had a crazy dream in which both Apple and Whole Foods Market were announcing a merger. In this dream, he remembered Steve Jobs declared his love for Organic Food and.... John P. Mackey of Whole Foods Market love for (Organic) Apple(s).
So in this dream, a super merger took place that created a massive buzz. Apple would create organic computers and Whole Foods Market would sell them through their network of rapid expanding stores. In this dream, our tech guy even had a vision of the new logo which he designed this morning!

But when we checked http://www.wholeapplemarket.com/ it was still available this morning, never registered. So I guess it was just a sweet organic dream...

We dare you to follow up on this story 10 years from now however.
I am certain that Steve Jobs who will read this blog, will go ahead on Tuesday with our idea. You just wait and see! Organic Apples, we love the idea!

In the time being, you can proceed buying great apples from: