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FREE Apple iPhone anyone?

FREE Apple iPhone anyone?

Here's an Apple iPhone story that you will not read anywhere else (unless it gets copied a gazillion times by other blogs before the day ends).

The craze for Apple's new iPhone resulted in long wait lines in front of Apple- and AT&T stores. Hundreds and hundreds more expected to join on line before they go on sale tonight!

At least, Apple fans are as stylish as their Apple products. Most of them are wearing a suit & hat...as the picture shows. We could not recognize any tailored suites by Armani but they were still a classy bunch indeed.

The Apple iPhone stampede might possibly be even compared now to "The Running of the Bulls" of Pamplona Spain. Sidewalks are taking their toll although a maximum Apple iPhone purchase limit per person was rumoured to have been established late last night.

Some Apple iPhone gadget fans have waited on line since Wednesday just to make sure to be first in line when Apple's iPhone is released. Apple's iPhone is scheduled to be sold from 6 p.m. local time in each U.S. time zone. In New York City, one man had a sign around his nick which read "FREE Apple iPhone if you take my spot" (he was among the first in line at the Apple store in Manhattan). The only drawback; he wanted $5,000.00 to give up his first-in-line spot. So I guess there's no such free Apple iPhone unfortunately. Most people on line wanted to have the Apple iPhone for their own collection. Many of them already had the Apple iPod so they had time to enjoy music while waiting on line. Other people who were waiting on line told us that they intended to give the Apple iPhone as a present for family or friends. Others were told to stand on line by their employers (a job is a job). And a couple of people even thought they could sell the first Apple iPhone on with a mark up. The good news is that AT&T seems to be rolling out plans which are less costly than first thought: the basic plan would start at just $59.99 a month. AT&T will be the exclusive carrier for the Apple iPhone for at least the next two years.

Amazing that AT&T got the deal, but at the end, there's nothing like the sound of a fine tuned bell.

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