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Aalto Dual Colored Vase

Alvar Aalto: Aalto Dual Colored Vase White/Red
Iittala, Finland.

Presented in Iittala gift box.
Iittala's White and Red Dual Colored Aalto Glass Vase is a work of art. Inspired by Alvar Aalto, this vase exemplifies Finnish Glass Art and a long histroy of nature inspired glass vases. This white with red interior was formed in 2006, making it the latest Aalto inspired vase from iittala. Aalto created organic, flexable forms that lends each vase towards the "celebration of light". His wavy, free form form has been translated into architecture, armchairs, screens and even tea trolleys. Each vase is made in Finland and should be treasured and enjoyed every day. Only from iittala.

Size: 6.25" tall

* Special edition 2006 release of a 20th-century design icon.
* Inspired by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto's award-winning 1936 vase.
* Free-form shape, opaque white exterior with colored interior.
* Aalto's name inscribed on bottom of vase.
* Measures 6-1/4 inches high; made in Finland; wash by hand.

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