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Vessel Candela Lamps

Candela Lamps Cloud White (2 Rechargeable Lamps + Charger)
Vessel, USA.

Brand new 4th generation with improved 8 hours run time!

One complete set of two white lamps + charger!
The best invention since the wheel! These fantastic portable lamps are a safe alternative to regular candles. These lamps provide a warm, ambient glow that won't blow out in the wind, or set the house afire if left unattended. Equally useful on the dinner table or bedside and late-night jaunts, each Candela lamp stays lit for 8 hours. Intelligent circuitry makes them turn on automatically when lifted from the charging platter, and start to recharge as soon as they're put back. Plus, the pattended SafeCharge system eliminates exposed electrical contacts.

Material: Polycarbonate lamps, abs charger, ni-cd batteries.

Size: 2.3 Diameter x 6" each lamp.

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