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Modern Design USB Hub

I was recently looking for a USB hub but could not find anything that would fit the style of my beautiful Ipod. That's when I stumbled upon this beautiful modern design USB port on Amazon.

This LD 3 Port USB Hub provides a compact and beautiful solution for splitting a single USB port on a PC or Mac into 3. Contains 4 led lights to denote connectivity. The small and compact saucer shaped spool takes up little space on your desktop and provides 3 connections for USB devices. Plug in peripherals like digital cameras, Ethernet adapters, modems, printers, mice, keyboards, scanners, and portable data storage devices in seconds. Ready to run, right out of the box, this compact USB 3-port hub makes high-speed, low-cost expansion a snap. The hub is bus powered and compliant to the USB V1.2 specification.
  • 3-port USB splitter/hub lets 2 devices share a single USB port
  • Small, in-cable design allows for easy (and beautiful) compact storage in spool!
  • UBS Bus powered--requires no additional power supply.
  • Compliant to the USB v1.2 specification; offers a link-status LED
  • PC/Macintosh compatible
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