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Modern Design Soundstick Radio

White Modern Design Joystick Shuffle FM Radio with blue LED light

We love this contemporary FM radio dubbed the Soundstick. Unique, functional and beautiful. It doesn't produce a deafening night club sound which wasn't really the point anyway. But be forewarned, with a radio this stylish, you will be the center of attention. Perfect on the desktop, at work, at home, as a gift to yourself or loved ones! Looks great with your Ipod and other high-tech gadgets. The antenna that sticks up in the middle also serves as the human input device and can be moved around just like a joystick: in one direction a back and forth motion controls volume while the other direction is used for tuning frequencies (the radio has an autotuning function). A Blue LED signal shines through the middle center where the joystick is. It's powered by 2 AAA batteries which are included. Beautiful to look at, even when not in use! Great gift idea, presented in paper gift box. Radio color is white, joystick is steel.

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