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Tom Dixon Eco Ware

Tom Dixon: Eco Ware Complete Set:
4 Cups, 4 Bowls and 4 plates.

Maverick design star Tom Dixon is a household name in England, where is he most famous for being the creative director of Habitat, the UK-based home-furnishings shop.

The Eco Ware line is the result of experimenting with biodegradeable plastics made from compressed natural materials such as byproducts of coconut, rice and bamboo processing. Tom Dixon created this line of biodegradeable plates, bowls and cups dubbed Eco Ware . This elegant line of sustainable tableware is 85% bamboo bound with a water-soluble polymer.

Eco Ware is fine enough for formal occasions, tough enough for the outdoors, and robust enough for every-day use. The best part is that after a long functional life (5 years give or take), the Eco Ware objects can be recyled into plant pots or simply composted back to the earth.

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