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Solida Table Lamp

Miralbell & Raventos: Solida Table Lamp

The Solida is a classic lamp whose sculptured base supports a ribbon shade.
Cubic and rationalist, it is the result of the designer's unique approach to form.

Two facing blocks of solid wood are held together by small chips of wengué wood which maintain a gap between the two parts of the base, permitting the cord to pass through. The glowing cube of the ribbon shade perches atop this rectangle.

Despite the lamp's size and angular appearance, the overall composition is extremely pleasing. The fine materials of which it is made - waxed wood and ribbon - give it a distinctive air. The materials are the same as those employed in the Basica lamp, but whereas the Basica gives an impression of lightness, the Solida is much more substantial.

The warm light and materials contrast with the lamp's strong unpretentious forms. The ribbon shade produces a nuanced light rich in chiaroscuro.

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