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Rody Graumans: Chandelier 85 Lamps

Rody Graumans: Chandelier 85 Lamps

Droog Design, Netherlands.

The "Chandelier 85 Lamps" is a classic in the history of modern lighting. The lamp is feautured in numerous museum collections including the MoMA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The individual parts of this lamp are completely plain but the combination makes of them an opulent chandelier. Less and more, united in a single product. Weight is 55 pounds. There is about 15 feet of extra cord on the top and a hook for hanging. You must anchor it to the ceiling due to the weight (55 lbs.).

Rody Graumans: ‘I am not into that ‘less is more’ stuff. I just work in lowly situations, like with an ordinary lightbulb, things that do not have much value. I like the idea of getting power out of inferiority, You can’t avoid using a lightbulb, it is always part of a lamp’s construction. And you shouldn’t gloss over the bit you can’t escape by sticking a shade over it.’

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